June 25 – 28 and August 28 – 30 / 2019


Music videos have become a very important facet of the music industry and a common tool for artist promotion. But how do they work? And how can you create interesting content on a modest budget? As digital filming becomes a more user-friendly and affordable option, it is essential for up and coming bands and new artists to gain filmmaking skills.

In the last twenty years, Stephanie von Beauvais has created music promos and shot both commercials and documentaries with a wide range of budgets including artists like the Beatsteaks, Materia, Tocotronic, Turbostaat and many more. Now for the fourth time, she offers an intensive Workshop on both the theoretical and practical aspects of shooting your own video.

The workshop takes place in collaboration with BIMM Institute Berlin and  is funded by Musicboard Berlin GmbH. It requires no attendance fee. Catering, travel- or accommodation expenses are not included. Participants are selected by a defined jury only. The jury’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Application via e-mail only.

You may participate due to a general interest of the topic or because you are responsible for a actual project.
Indeed, every participant is invited to work on his/her own video – either it has been already shot or it is in process of planning. For the shooting of their own video, the workshop even offers a financial aid of 300€ each, to 4 bands within the participants, who will be selected by the jury only.


terms of application

Future participants can apply via e-mail only and need to fulfill the following conditions:

  • You, or the band/artist you are shooting videos for have already started a professional career in the music business.
  • you and your band/artist are mainly based in Berlin.
  • you have a song along with an idea for a music video, which you will shoot and finish during the workshop: then you can additionally apply for the financial aid of € 300.-


  • you have already shot a video but are not satisfied with the result and are willing to either shoot more with a better understanding or reedit the clip.
  • you are available on BOTH dates to attend the workshop all-day and are prepared to shoot your video during the weeks in between.


  • you are generally keen on getting knowledge on the topic but you have no actual project during the period of the workshop. Then you will participate in the first phase from June 25 to 28.

The workshop will be held for 30 participants, who are chosen by the jury. 4 bands/artists of these will receive the financial aid of € 300.- to shoot their own video within the workshop- if they applied for it and are chosen by the jury. Still each participant is invited to bring his or her footage to work on during the second phase of the workshop.



The application phase is over. The selection of the participants was made by the jury. The jury’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

The participants with a financial aid of € 300.- are:
– Bitch n’ Monk
– Dmitrieva
– Polly’s Disaster
– The Wildfires

Participants of the workshop without financial aid:
– Karlie Apriori
– Gloria Blau
– Flora Camille
– Leah Hinton
– Das Menschenskind und K-Tob
– Ziel

Congrats to all who have been selected and thanks for the numerous applications.


Please send everything in ONE e-mail, not bigger than 5MB.

  • information about yourself and/or the band/artist (pdf or Link)
  • a brief overview about your connection to the topic: e.g.: you have already shot a video but are not satisfied or are generally keen to learn all about it, then please explain why or which aspects in particular.
  • a link to your music and possibly already existing videos.
  • a proof that you and your band/artist are mainly based in Berlin (eg. ID or certificate of registration)


  • a song, made by yourself or the band/artist you are shooting videos for (mp3 only)
  • a music video treatment for this song (pdf)

If you don’t agree on a publication of your and/or your bands’ name on this website, or other media related to the project, in case of a selection for this workshop, please let us know in your application.


  • remarkableness of your music
  • visible interest and devotedness to shoot your own video

For the financial aid:

  • a strong video idea
  • a makeable treatment

The selection is being made by a defined jury. The jury’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


The jury members are

Torsten Groß
music journalist i.a. for ‚Süddeutsche Zeitung‘, ‚Spiegel Online‘, ,Focus’,‚Musikexpress‘,host at radioeins/rbb and co-initiator of the indipendant music award ‚Preis für Popkultur‘.
Moses Schneider

music producer of Beatsteaks, Tocotronic, Annen May Kantereit and author of ‚The Alternative Workbook or how to pimp your Practice Room‘.

Stephanie von Beauvais

music video director and workshop leader


Announcement of workshop participants

by May 29th 2019 via e-mail to the selected participants and on this website.


Workshop dates and topics

25.6. – 28.6.2019 WORKSHOP PART 1

DAYS 1–3 | 25.6.-27.6.2019 10am-5pm
Intensive workshop with Stephanie von Beauvais on basic film know how and the approach to music clips. Practical experience with a wide range of low budget camera and lighting equipment. Experts on smartphone apps/gadgets and post production are also invited.
Hereafter the participants rework autonomously on their own treatment.

DAY 4 | 28.6.2019
Participant’s presentation of their music video treatment with following individual practical advice.

BETWEEN 29.6.-27.8.2019
Self organized shooting of their own video by the participants.

28.–30.8.2019 WORKSHOP PART 2

DAYS 1 & 2 | 28. and 29.8.2019
Montage-workshop and editing of the footage on own devices under supervision of Stephanie and an expert on post production.

DAY 3 | 30.8.2019

Final post production etc with Stephanie and the expert. Afterwards: screening of the finished music videos with get together with the participants, their crew and workshop-supporters.

The workshop is initiated and conducted by Stephanie von Beauvais in collaboration with the BIMM Institute Berlin. It will take place in the BIMM Institute Berlin and is funded by the Musicboard Berlin GmbH.